As chair of IWII I am delighted to be attending and presenting at the Wounds Australia conference in October 2018. This is an exciting opportunity to meet global partners and to be able to share new ideas, innovations and to explore opportunities and barriers in preventing and managing wound infection. It has become widely accepted that most chronic and hard-to-heal wounds contain biofilm, and that biofilm delays and/or prevents healing (WUWHS, 2016). IWII have published a consensus document that identifies these various stages of the wound infection continuum (IWII, 2016). During the Wounds Australia conference I will be chairing the annual general meeting where we are debating the 2016 consensus document on wound infection. I think this will be a lively debate as there still remains debate surrounding the decision to remove ‘critical colonisation’ from the continuum. I wonder if we are all aware where this term came from and the research that underpins it? Has removal of the term changed patient assessment and subsequent interventions? I am waiting to hear what people have to say – and I am sure there will be much discussion! I have noticed a plethora of papers being published recently surrounding biofilm identification and management, one of the main messages from these papers id that delayed wound healing appears to be largely related to biofilm. Many of us find it diffiult to find time to read all these publications but I would recommend this paper by Steven Percival that gives a clear and easy to understand overview of biofilms:

During the conference we are launching our new web page which is easy to navigate and contains lots of useful information and resources for everyone working in the field of wound care. It would be great if people can subscribe to the website which will allow you the opportunity to contact members of IWII and to receive our quarterly newsletter. If you are reading this blog then you are already signed up for the website! However please do tell colleagues and encourage them to become members – we can only change practice if we are working together.


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Karen Ousey – Chair of IWII
Professor and Director for the Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention
University of Huddersfield