The International Wound Infection Institute is administered by our executive committee and secretariat

The Institute has a formal management structure comprising an elected executive committee members, who uphold the aim and objectives of the Institute in a volunteer capacity

Executive committee

Chair: Professor Karen Ousey, School of Human and Health Sciences,
Professor of Skin Integrity, University of Huddersfield, UK

Vice Chair: Terry Swanson, Nurse Practitioner, South West Healthcare, Victoria, Australia

Past Chair: Dr David Keast, Wound Care Theme Leader, ARGC,
Parkwood Institute of Research, London, Canada

Secretary: Donna Angel, Nurse Practitioner in Wound Management, Royal Perth Hospital, Australia

Treasurer: A/Prof Geoff Sussman, Faculty of Medical and Health Science, Monash University, Australia

Chair, Evidence Sub Committee: Professor Keryln Carville, Silver Chain and Curtin University, Australia

Chair, Research Sub Committee: Professor Gregory S Schultz, University of Florida, USA

Dr Evan Call, Adjunct Faculty, Weber State University Department of Microbiology, USA

Dr Gojiro Nakagami, University of Tokyo, Japan

Dr Lindsay Kalan, University of Pennsylvania, USA


Rob Yates, OmniaMed, UK